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So what is Active Release Techniques®?

ART® stands for Active Release Techniques. This form of soft tissue therapy was founded by Dr.Michael Leahy in California in 1984. After starting his first chiropractic clinic in Los Angeles he saw a need for more precise treatment of soft tissue injury. ART® is a soft tissue modality has truly transformed thousands of live since its inception.

At firs, Dr.Leahy discovered that the same mechanics that govern an airplane can also exist in the human body. This discovery changed the course of his practice. He began to  focus on healing soft-tissue injuries through a hands on approach. This was directed at treating the root cause not just the symptoms of soft-tissue injuries. All while incorporating myofascial techniques, he learned that he needed to address all the tissues of the body. Dr.Leahy also noted  that nearly 50% of the benefits of active release techniques dealt with peripheral nerve impingement alone. In addition to case study after case study, Dr.Leahy saw the full benefit of treating the root cause of an injury versus just the symptoms.

Active Release Techniques Application

By re-educating neuromuscular tissues and applying specific myofascial techniques, he saw a 90% success rate with all his patients. Many of which at the time were champion athletes. Without a doubt, ART® can be best described as a dry hands on massage technique. This technique targets specifics tissues which are no longer able to function at full capacity. A certified ART® provider, (like ME), can palpate tissues and search for the root cause of a problem.

Furthermore, with over 500 ART® specific techniques, there is no shortage of possible routes to take in order to treat a number of soft-tissue injuries.

Active Release Techniques Forearm
Active Release Techniques for Tennis Elbow
In Canada, the cost of medical expenditures alone for low back pain are estimated between $6 and $12 billion annually with additional costs associated with the impact on society due to the loss in worker productivity from time off work and the associated disability payments. – Bone and Joint Canada

What are the benefits of Active Release Techniques®?

Since 1984, ART® has saved thousands of people from limited daily functions. Especially athletes who have seen an increase in their overall performance  More and more research is being done to fully understand the nature of soft-tissues injuries not just in this country, but all over the world.

Evidently repetitive strain injuries cause hundreds of workers to succumb to their injuries. These types of injuries cause workers to take time away from their jobs everyday. Consequently, in 1990 Dr.Leahy presented his ART®  techniques to a medical doctor of a large occupational clinic. He treated 5 of the worst carpal tunnel syndrome patients that clinic had (all 5 cases were under treatment for a minimum of 2 years).

He was able to resolve all pain in three visits for all 5 patients. As well as have all 5 patients return to full-time pain free duties at work. Hence, ART® has become the standard of care in Colorado Springs.  Due to ART®’s high success rate, the CCIA (Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority), which is like WCB (Workers Compensation Board) here in Alberta, are financing a study to compare ART® with more typical method of care for acute and chronic repetitive strain injuries.

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What is ART®?