About Aneta

Lifestyle Architect / Wilderness Explorer / Seeker of Functionality + Wellness

About Me

Having worked in the health and wellness industry for almost 20 years as a massage therapist has taught me many things about our health and societies approach to what “health” is. With a background in biology and physiology of the human body I have witnessed through my own experience the fraudulent system we have been taught to believe in. The dogma around nutrition and diet and health has been glossed over with far too many hands in the cookie jar.

I have spent the last few years doing what most never think of doing. I went against the grain and found my own liberation and freedom from the clutches of big food and big pharma. My methods are unconventional and out of the box I know. But it’s here in the unknown and uncomfortable space that I found true freedom for myself and my family.

It is through sheer chance, perhaps even through divine intervention, that I find myself now going even further against the grain and finding freedom from all systems. Having incorporated a daily practice of meditation and learning about ancient forms of healing I now find my place amongst uncharted waters. From working on my own healing of past traumas I have gained a greater appreciation for doing internal work and being my own saviour.

a journey begins with one single step…away from the system that keeps you sick

As a mother of 3, a wife, an animal lover, a foul potty mouth and lover all things outdoors and travel I practice what I preach. Sugar coating isn’t my thing and my passion comes from my own experiences. I believe in living your best life and that starts with you. After all, you are the driver of your own reality. Take charge of your life and step into being a warrior for yourself. For there is no greater saviour than you.

Running two business’ isn’t easy but it’s my passion to bring communities together by supporting local. That is why opening a soap business as well as showcasing our lifestyle through our personal travels is at the root of my life. These two passion projects are what keep me moving forward. My intention is to help heal the collective and bring awareness to your own divine power. I will not save you, but I will show how you can save yourself.


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