About Aneta

Aneta Dang RMT / ART / Lifestyle Architect / Wilderness Explorer / Seeker of Functionality

You found me!


My name is Aneta Dang. Aneta is pronounced “Anita” because I have a reputation for being one of a kind and different from the rest.

Being a registered massage therapist (RMT) and active release techniques (ART®) provider living and working in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with over a decade of hands on experience, I take great pride in getting people feeling and moving their best.

My approach is unconventional and differs from any massage therapist out there. With my experience I bring a wealth of knowledge to each treatment session and teach my clients how to live their best version of their lives.

No life is worth living unless you do it with soul and drive. Living your best life starts with you and your health.

That’s where I come in…


Having been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade, I continue to learn each day.  Always applying what I learn into my work my goals are to spread knowledge about your own abilities to heal your body and not have to live in pain. I won’t tell you that massage or ART® will fix you, but  I will show you how you can fix yourself (with guidance of course).  You will have to put in the work as well like all things in life worth getting. It will take some elbow (pun for sure intended) grease but it will be worth it.

A mother of 3, a wife, a dog lover, a foul potty mouth and lover all things outdoors and travel. Not to mention that I practice what I preach. Sugar coating isn’t my thing and I have gained a reputation for being an amazing therapist. Most importantly I take great pride in my work and letting my clients know how they can heal from the inside out. I believe in living your best life and that starts with you. After all, you are the driver of your own destiny. Take charge of your life and move like you were born to do!

You can find me hustling at the Lifemark clinic in NW Calgary and also taking on clients through special requests at my home practice, but we have to be friends first.



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