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Prolong your Massage Career Workshop

by Aneta Dang

This one day workshop will focus primarily on how you can enhance your career by applying specific hands on techniques aimed at sustaining your hands and body. If you are suffering from burnout or fatigue from working with your hands this course will teach you a better way of working smarter and not harder. Having worked with thousands of clients over a span of 18 years, I have come face to face with my own struggles on keeping a balance between my career and personal life. I have also learned there is a better and easier way to work with your hands all while saving your body, mind and spirit. We will cover topics from hand health, advanced hands on techniques, body mechanics and how you too can find a balance in your life and career as well as how to implement these techniques to prolong your massage career.  

A natural way of improving your own health.

Train yourself to work smarter not harder.

Enhance your clients healing experience.

A Whole New Way to Use your Hands and Body.

Become proficient in using proper mechanics to alleviate pain in your hands and body.

A lifestyle overhaul that will sustain you long term and prevent burnout.

What to expect

This 6 hour workshop will focus on how you can use your body to better apply tissue specific techniques to prevent pain and damage to your hands and body. We will cover how you can live a more balanced life that will allow you to prolong your massage career all while saving your mind, body and spirit. I will teach you the methods that I have come to develop through my own experiences of working hands on with clients and how these methods can keep you from fatigue and burnout in your career. This course will be a mix of lecture and hands on application of specific hands on techniques aimed at helping you to prevent fatigue and injury to your hands and body. This one day workshop will be taking place in the quaint town of Sundre, AB at the foot of the Rockies (seating is limited so booking early is recommended). It is also encouraged that each participant bring their own table, sheets and oils but these can be also be provided for an extra cost. In the application request please indicate if you will require these items or if you are able to bring your own. There will be refreshments available throughout the day and an hour given for lunch. The morning session will be a lecture type with the afternoon portion being saved for the actual hands on teaching. We will pair up and each therapist will get a chance to experience the techniques and also be given ample time to practice these methods.  

  • Friday October 6,2023
  • 9am-4pm
  • Mountain View Inn & Suites Sundre, AB
  • $250.00

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