Mind + Body + Spirit

Mind + Body + Spirit

You are the driver of your own health. The single most important thing you can do is to get your health back on track and get your body moving pain free. I offer Carnivore (Ancestral Nutrition) through private sessions as well as seeing clients for massage + ART  at Pure Bliss Massage and Day Spa in Sundre for in person services. Your bodies ability to heal is greater than anyone has led you to believe so take charge of your health today. The mind-body-spirit connection can no longer be ignored in our world. As we ascend into a new earth I invite you to now rise like the warrior you are and take charge of your life. This includes being aware, present and focusing on that which is of upmost importance. YOUR health.

Changing your relationship with food and going back to what once was may help you heal even further. Get to the root cause of your suffering and start being here, and now!

Healthy Self = Heal Thy Self

What my clients have to say

Aneta has a natural ability to feel the human body like no other therapist. Her intuitive skill set sets her apart from many in her field and I know I am always in good hands when I see her.

Cathy K.

Aneta was not only able to restore function to my frozen shoulder, she was also able to aid in restoring my faith in hands-on therapy. Her natural ability to feel her way around my pain and diagnose the root cause of that pain is unparalleled to anyone else I have seen.

Julie Y.

I have seen Aneta for ART many times over the last few years. Her ability to treat my aches and pains with the utmost of care makes her a fundamental asset to my health. I would not go anywhere else!

Elizabeth S.

Seeing Aneta for the last few months has made a profound impact on my overall health and wellness. I always look forward to seeing her for treatment as I always walk away feeling refreshed.

Julia V.

Aneta is able to hold space for me in a way others have not been able to; allowing me to feel safe and heard. Her ability to intuitively feel the body makes her a one-of-a-kind therapist.

Melissa K.

Aneta’s intuitive knowledge of what is happening with my body and what needs to be worked out is unreal. I always walk away from a massage session knowing that I am on the road to recovery from all my sports related injuries. You will always be in good hands.

Jenny C.

I see my massage therapist Aneta Dang once a month. She is the best there is out there. I have been seeing her for over 8 years. Wherever she goes, I go. Highly recommend her!

Anh C.

Aneta is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable coach. Her attention to her clients needs are better than any other professional I have been to. If you are looking to achieve a specific outcome from your sessions, and are diligent in the advice she gives than you will not find anyone better out there.

Daniel G.

I have been seeing Aneta for both ART and massage to assist with leg tightness resulting from triathlon training. I have worked with a number of massage therapists over the years, but Aneta's technical skills are a leap above any I have personally experienced. She also provides detailed and appropriate recommendations to help with the recovery. High recommendation from me.

Kevin H.

Carnivore (Ancestral Nutrition) Coaching + Movement Based Awarness