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Price List

Mobile Massage

  • 60 min massage $100
  • 75 min massage $120

Mobile Massage + ART

  • 60 min massage + ART $140
  • 75 min massage + ART $160

What’s included in price:

*First time clients: First time clients will pay the initial cost of $120 for 60 min and $140 for 75 min which will include supplying sheets which client will keep at their home and reuse for subsequent visits. This will ensure that only one person uses your sheets and keeps hygiene at the forefront of your experience. The following treatments will get a decrease in price by $20 which will bring your 60 min to $100 and 75 min to $120 for all following sessions.

*Referral program: For every client you refer you get an additional $5 off your next treatment (only used once per treatment. So if you refer 2 clients you get $5 off from one session not $10 combined for one treatment session.)

*Outside area (travel greater than 20 km): Will be an additional $20 per session unless multiple clients at one residence. If 2 or more clients at one residence than this price drops to only $10 for both parties to cover costs of travel. This cost will be divided amongst clients. Maximum 5 clients per residence.

*Other perks: More discounts available to those who do NOT need receipts for their treatments. Contact me here to find out more!

* All prices exclude GST. Receipts given for all treatments. Direct biling is available upon request. ART® services are accepted by most insurance but not guaranteed, contact your insurance for confirmation. AMTWP/NHPC Member since 2005*