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{Your Healing Journey Never Ends}

May 2018 was the year I decided to change my life. Little did I know where that initial baby step would take me. I have been living a carnivore lifestyle for 4 years. Four years of almost zero carb living and I am the healthiest and happiest version of myself I have ever been. I am by no means a walking miracle but one of thousands that have found our way back home. Our way back to happiness and true inner peace. Simply by changing what we consume on a daily basis. This profound change has altered my trajectory in life that it’s importance cannot ever be underestimated.

Why did I start?

Sometimes it‘s the smallest of steps that lead to the biggest of changes. I was living a life that never truly felt like my own. I felt like I was shackled and stuck. For years I always looked outside of myself to find myself. Always feeling unhappy no matter what I attained and how far along I got in my career or my place in the world. I never truly felt accepted in the life I was living. There was always something missing yet when someone from the outside looked in on my life I should have been happy and fulfilled. But I wasn’t. And I always felt uneasy thinking about my lack. I never could see what I had and what others saw about my life for I was looking at my life through my own eyes. Like most people we always place importance on the external and what others have. We always tend to think grass is greener on the other side. Our eye sight is always turned the wrong way. And by some small chance an event occurs and your life changes.

I know what you’re probably thinking. The simple task of literally changing your eating habits cannot possibly change your life that drastically. There is no way that changing your diet and what you consume can change your view of the world and most importantly a view of yourself. But I ask why not? Because we have been conditioned to believe in only one way. We have been taught time and time again that what we live and see and breathe is the only way. We are consumed on a daily basis that the world is only one way and anything else that opposes that view is wrong. But who deems what is right and wrong when looking at the world?

We as humans have removed ourselves so far away from ourselves that we no longer can think for ourselves. Society at large is an empty shell of human existence that only lives to work, accumulate debt, accumulate products and material slavery and the virtuous need to appear like good, decent people. I had all those things. Work, debt, material slavery and I looked good doing it. I appeared to have it all. My highlight reel was meticulously crafted to appear real. But it wasn’t. I kept lying to myself because I had zero idea how to break that cycle of self-loathing and self-hatred. I was a victim. I was wronged to be placed in this current situation. I was all the things I hated about the world and in turn myself. I hated myself to a level that most of us can relate to but won’t admit to.

I cannot recall what events propelled me to make the change but there was one pivotal moment that surfaced one afternoon. Not just a want but a deep down desire and almost an unquenchable thirst for it. Almost like my soul emerged from it’s dark corner and suffocated me with a thirst like I’ve never felt before. It was a significant moment that I will never forget and which has led me down a path of insurmountable change. I saw a photo. A simple photo of myself that revealed to me how unhappy I was. I was miserable. I was empty and floating from one moment to another and yet not existing at all. It shook me to my core and at that moment I vowed to myself that I needed to change. I needed to find a way out of my imprisonment. And that for me was my diet.

Circa 2017

The first step is always the hardest

I remember feeling so hungry and angry when I first started my journey in April of 2017. Quitting sugar they say is harder than quitting heroin. I have no reference to this statement but I do know quitting sugar was harder than quitting smoking. The emotions that surface are almost too much. The anger, the shame, the guilt, the sadness, the confusion, the bitterness for the world, the dread, the remorse, the pent up rage for everything and everyone around you. The little itty bitty shitty committee that rears its ugly head and tells you you’ll never make it. It’s futile. Just give into the sweet taste and end your suffering right there and then. Why are you contributing to your own misery? It’s just sugar. A little bit won’t kill you. Besides, you’ve been eating it all your life anyways and you’re still alive! Well, at least on the outside you appear alive.

So what kept me motivated to shut down that little itty bitty shitty committee? My mind. I took control of my mind. I didn’t know it back then but I started to practice self mastery and I got a hold of my deepest desires and held them to the light. My only focus and goal was to carry it through to the end. To experience what I had heard spoken off. I needed to see it and feel it for myself. I was so miserable and at the end of that rope that I needed to find my way out. That was my focus. I was doing it solely for me. I had a thirst for it like never before and before I knew it I had overcome my desire to binge and cry myself to sleep over feelings of unhappiness when it came to my own body. Weeks turned into months and then I stumbled upon what society deems ”unconventional” and ”dangerous” and yet I was attracted to it like a moth to light.

I had no idea what I was embarking on and what it would eventually lead me to discover. Curbing my eating habits and changing my lifestyle had proven to be the first step to unravelling a lifetime of lies fed to us by society at large. Lies tailored to keeping us miserable and unhappy in our lives. Dependant on a system that won’t benefit from your health but will only fill it’s pockets from dangling a carrot in front of you while you chase a life that is not your own. Keeping you fat and miserable and addicted to your demise while you strive for a life you want no part of. Sounds melodramatic I’m sure but if you’re still asleep to the world at large this will fall on deaf ears.

However, if you’ve ever wondered why you’re still feeling miserable in your own skin and chasing your own tail you may want to consider a different approach. I have personally experienced not just a change in my physical life but my spiritual and emotional one too. That of course came later but my segway was my diet. That simple act of changing what I ate opened up a doorway I did not know existed. It exposed so much of the world to me that I am baffled at the simplicity yet unattainable nature of it. Change your diet and change your life. It does not get any simpler than that.

Simplicity is beautiful

What was the world like a few decades ago? A few hundred years ago? A millennia ago? I have no fucking idea but I’m pretty sure they didn’t have the convenience of supermarkets and Uber Eats at their disposal. I may be over reaching here but i’m sure the people of this vast land did not have a way of getting fresh avocados, quinoa or even fucking heart heathy Fruit Loops or multigrain bagels from the market in town. No? So what did people eat? And how did they manage to live a simple life on this vast and diverse so-called rock floating in space? I have no idea. It’s all theories but one thing I do know is my own first hand experience. Unless you try something for yourself you are taking an ”experts” word on it. Much like the health advice from our ”trusted health experts” which has increased obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, depression, autism, and a plethora of autoimmune diseases since the 50’s never seen on such a global scale. So let me be the first to not apologize for not trusting ”health experts”.

But I digress…

Simplicity may look and mean different things to many people. But I think the one thing we can all agree on is that everyone wants to live a simple life but refuse to actually change. We all want to be free of our debt, we all want to be healthy and happy and full of life. We all want to live a simple life. But what are you willing to shed to get that? Because simple means to get rid of things that weigh you down. Including your weight. So what are you willing to let go of and change. In order to create something new you have to let go of that which no longer serves you. To bring in the new the old has to go.

How many trips to the supermarket do you have to make to get fresh produce each week? Sure you can grow it, but how many of you actually do? How many different ingredients do you have to purchase to make one dish? How much time do you allocate to prepping or cooking your meals? How many dishes and gadgets do you need to make your meals? Your dishes may look pleasing to the eye but how many of those make it to the front cover of food magazines?

This way of eating is simple. Minimal prep time, minimal dishes and most of all completely local. There is nothing more simpler than that. Trips to the supermarket include a walk to the meat department. So simple. Not to mention the dishes or lack thereof. Simplicity at it’s finest. Plus our food pictures may not make it to the front cover of a magazine but they still make my mouth water everytime.

From the physical to the spiritual

Having taken a microscopic look at my own inner demons while transitioning my lifestyle also opened me up so many other aspects of my life. It is not until you sit with your own demons do you gain insight into what makes you, you. That particular realization took many months and hours upon hours of self-reflection and inner work. This side of my life has transformed me even further where I have come to find even more abundance and happiness. There is no shortcut to life. There is no end goal to living a full and happy life. There is only the road that gets you from one moment to another. My diet change had started a tsunami that I had no idea would unravel itself until I was in the thick of it. But I owe this part of my journey to the next one I’m currently on.

Having experienced profound change on a physical and emotional level with my diet it was only natural that this path led me to something else. I always cringed away from religion as on a deeper level I knew there was something that never resonated with me. But my spirituality is my own. I don’t need to answer to anyone or any certain higher authority. There is no one outside of myself that I have to answer to. There is no one outside of myself that can judge me. If carnivore has taught me anything it is we are truly in control of our lives. However we show up it all starts and ends with us. We choose what we do day in and day out and the only one that either suffers or gains is ourselves. Just like what you consume with your mouth changes how you feel about yourself. What you consume with your mind determines how you see and respond to the world around you.

My journey is far from over and I vow to find as many pathways to keep living a simple and happy life. But I have learned that you cannot be dependant on a system meant to keep you sick and weak and easy to control. When someone can control your food they control your world. And who controls the food you eat?

Who controls the food supply controls
the people; who controls the energy can
control whole continents; who controls
money can control the world

Henry Kissinger (1974)
Aneta Dang

Aneta Dang

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