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{Jump Rope, The BEST Full Body Exercise}


I was recently re-introduced to the power of the jump rope as a form of exercise.

It has been years since I’ve jumped rope. Although I do recall it being an incredible recess time activity back in the day. You guys remember recess?

I hated it.

But I do remember loving jump rope. Especially the double rope where you’d have to jump in and back out without being attached by the rope. You knew it was a good day when you walked away without bruises or slashes from the jump rope!

Which brings me to today. I have tried numerous fitness classes, at home workout videos, youtube channels, invested in hundreds of dollars on gym equipment. You name it, I probably own it!

However, the single best piece of equipment I recently purchased was a jump rope.

The reason I bought it was because I heard about it on one of my favourite podcasts Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich.

He was interviewing Buddy Lee, a world olympic recognized wrestler. I instantly fell in love with his story and his outlook on life and his jump rope philosophy. You can listen to that episode through this link.

That same day I purchased my very own Buddy Lee Jump Rope.

I was giddy to start as I remembered how much fun it used to be as a kid.

Let me start by saying that I was in for a surprise!

It was not like it used to be as a kid. It was a rough start. However, the memory of the physical pain has survived the years!

For the past few weeks I have incorporated jumping rope into my warm up routine for 5 minutes before I lift weights. It gets the blood moving and warms up my muscles with little effort.

There are many reasons as to why I think jumping rope is the best full body exercise but below are my top 5 benefits of jumping rope.

Not just for kids anymore.

Incorporating the jump rope into your workout will improve your agility, speed, conditioning and dexterity. Not to mention all the other benefits listed above.

By incorporating your entire musculoskeletal system, you are literally using every muscle to drive your body upward. From your calves, to your thighs and shoulders, your muscles are actively engaged in an upward momentum.

This coupled with the downward motion of hitting the ground, your skeletal system is getting a workout by the force being exerted on your bones through your muscles. Pretty cool thing to kill two birds with one stone!

All it takes is 5 minutes a day to start. I hope to increase that to 10 minutes eventually and even maybe one day get as good as Buddy Lee himself, but for now, 5 minutes will do just fine!

Check out this video and some of his mad skills! Is he in jeans?!

Watching him move gives me chills! Legitimate chills.

Don’t expect to be that good in a month, or a year. It takes years of practice and hard work, like all things in life. But as long as you have the drive you can do almost anything!

So good luck to you in your journey, whatever that may look like. But if you tried it, let me know how you liked it, or disliked it. At least have fun with it. Bring that little kid back out to play, you’ll be happier for it.

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