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{I left my heart in Hawaii}

Big Island Hawaii - Part Two Our Big Island Hawaii vacation as a family was one for the record books. This place had it all. From the clear blue ocean to the white sand beaches...

{Big Island Hawaii}

The Big Island of Hawaii is a vacation like no other. In October of 2019 we were given an amazing opportunity to travel to the Big Island of Hawaii for three weeks as a family....

Carnivore for dummies blog

{Carnivore for dummies}

Welcome to carnivore for dummies! But before we begin read my disclaimer here. So you've heard about the world of carnivore and now you want to give it a go? First things first throw...

{My Carnivore Diet: 2 year update}

My carnivore diet update after two years of eating no plants. Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or a doctor. This is anecdotal. All experiences are my own. Read my disclaimer here. Do your...