{5 things to start doing when you’re stuck at home!}

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5 things to start doing when you're stuck at home

{5 things to start doing when you’re stuck at home!}

Feeling a little stuck being at home with no change or scenery?

I hear ya loud and clear. It’s crazy to think that every human on this planet is in the same boat during the current Covid-19 “pandemic”. I never once thought I would live to see a day such as this. With so many people self-isolating there are things you should start doing today to get yourself through this current state of affairs.

Although this is a worldwide crisis that may carry on for months, now is the time to really think about the future. The future of your own health and how you can and will continue once this is all over.

1. Start with making your bed

A few months ago I listened to a Joe Rogan podcast with the controversial Jordan Peterson as he talked about his new book “12 Rules for Life”. There was something he said that really struck a chord with me about waking up every morning and cleaning your room. It may sound trivial to some, but as my family will attest, my cleanliness is sometimes irritating to them.

Make your bed

Proof of this is the state of my own bedroom. It’s become a ritual of mine since I can remember. I often drive my family crazy with my constant need to make sure everyone in the house makes their bed. Why you ask? Just like Jordan Peterson says “because if you can’t even clean up your own room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world?

2. Wake up at the same time everyday

Not only wake up at the same time but also go to bed at the same time every night. If you do this daily your circadian rhythm will stay intact and you will get better rest. Not only better rest, but a fuller sleep too. Your body will be energized and your mental state will be clearer in the morning to tackle the days events.

Although so many are taking this as an opportunity to catch up on their Netflix shows my TV still does not get turned on during the weeknights. In fact, we follow the same routines that we did before corona showed up and will do so during.

3. Get dressed

For obvious reasons putting on pants is optional while you’re stuck at home. However, if you really want to keep a sense of purpose put some pants on. It’s easy to wake up, roll out of bed, stumble into your kitchen, grab an eggo and coffee and spend the day in a haze. I’m sorry, how old are you?

Unless you prefer to take the easy road I suggest you get yourself dressed. Sometimes even the simple act of getting dressed makes you feel more grounded. It can make you feel human again and that my friends is your power.

4. Get Active

Although I work(ed) very closely with clients on a one to one basis I have and will always advise people to move. It should be noted that you don’t have to have fancy equipment at home or an expensive set up. Got stairs? A towel? Even a broom? There are thousands of videos on the web of easy exercises you can do without the need for a gym.

The point here isn’t to try and get ripped and do heavy HIIT classes, the point is to get you off the couch and start doing what you were born to do. MOVE!

5. Read a book

Above all else, read. Your brain and your body are your power. You can move mountains with your muscles and you can change your own immediate environment with your brain. The key to staying mentally sharp and absolute is to work your brain. Being stuck at home should not feel like a death sentence.

Following my own rules I read every night before bed. I’m currently reading “Phantom” by Susan Kay. I have read this book at least 6 times in my lifetime and I have to admit it’s my favourite. Definitely won’t be the last time I read this gem either!

Staying at home is a blessing in disguise

It may seem surreal and emotionally as well as financially devastating, but this is not the end. Do not allow your mental state to deteriorate because of your lack of socializing. We live in an era where there are many outlets of communication. Utilize them. Or maybe even take the time to re-learn a passion long lay dormant. We have been a nation of exhausted and stressed adults raising over-scheduled children. Now is the time to really try and slow down and spend quality time with your loved ones. Now is the time to really ask yourselves what makes you happy?

Happiness is an internal battle. Don’t lose this battle for the war is not over. What have you been doing to keep yourself moving forward?

If you make friends with yourself

You’ll never be alone

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